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toilet seat SANITIZER

HANDITIZER® toilet seat Sanitizer is enriched with lemon grass fragrance. This deodorized spray leaves a refreshing aroma along with its hygienically safe experience every time you visit the restroom.

Warnings or Restrictions:

Avoid contact with eyes. If it happens then rinse well with clean water.

For Exteranl Use Only.


A White Lie is still a lie just as the seat of your toilet. An infinite arena and breeding ground for germs causing detrimental and life threatening illnesses to you and your precious angels. 

A family vacation ruined with the unavoidable appalling unsanitary toilet-stops or a night of fun at the club turned nightmarish. Your vulnerability stands the test of time when you, your children and loved ones are rendered helpless.

Include The HANDITIZER® in your family and empower yourself against life-altering diseases like UTI, Streptococcus, E-Coli, Staphylococcus, Shingelia Bacteria, Hepatitus etc.

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