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bubble gum

Enriched with the goodness of juicy childhood memories, the HANDITIZER® bubble gum with its light, sweet smell is ideal for women & children who still relish the variety fragrance.


The antibacterial germ fighting properties of HANDITIZER® bubble gum shall always be your savior in those tough unhygienic conditions & protect you always.  

Warnings or Restrictions:

Avoid contact with eyes, If it happens

then rinse well with clean water.

For External Use Only.


Gone are the archaic times which disabled one from access to immediate health choices.
Have the power in the palm of your hand with our HANDITIZER® a premium product with the sole aim of ensuring your health is quality driven.

A single drop of our Ethyl Alcohol based Advanced Hand Sanitizer Gel, enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, offers a resilient attack on germs yet a moisturizing effect on your hands.

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